Why Choose Us?

Choosing a racquet should be an enjoyable process, but you need to do it right. Get the correct grip size to start off. Less chance of developing aches and pains if you get that right. Then look at the weight and style of racquet. Difficult to do all that from an international website, isn't it? Thats why I match you with suitable racquets, and let you try them out. In person, where at all possible. No time pressure, relax and find your racquet. Or your racquet bags, or string.......

About Us

Wayne Fitzpatrick

store owner

Went back playing 11 years ago after a long time away. Can't believe I stopped for so long. I play as much as I can, in every competition I can. I am a qualified PTR coach, and currently waiting to do the last Module of my Level 1 Tennis Ireland coaching qualification. I string racquets, I sell tennis equipment, and where possible let you use the racquets before you buy. It's a big decision, and you need to get it right. So when I'm not playing, stringing, selling tennis, I watch tennis. When I'm not watching it, I'm talking about it.......I must be a late bloomer......That's Fed in the background, by the way. Just about on the limit for the restraining order.....😇


I go to you - from here......


Midleton, Co Cork.